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I was raised in western Catawba County in the small town of Vale, NC.  I began raising cattle at a very young age and that love has only continued to grow.  My love for cattle and farm animals attributed to my going to veterinary school to become a large animal veterinarian.  As the cattle market continues to grow and change I realized that there is a growing need for grass fed and antibiotic free beef.  I am trying to give the consumer what they desire in growing a quality Angus grass fed beef product. 

Our definition of grass fed antibiotic free beef:  Grass fed antibiotic free means simply that, if our cattle require antibiotics or grain for any reason they are taken out of the grass fed antibiotic free cattle herd.  Our cattle are raised on pasture and are designed to grow at a constant rate without the need for grain.  Cattle that do not have grain grow slower no matter how good the genetics are, so it takes a little longer to get to an optimal weight for beef processing.   This causes the grass fed antibiotic free beef to be a slightly higher price per pound than traditional beef.  

Dr. Steven Matthews, DVM